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CDC Academy

The Career Development & Consultations Academy (CDC), in Cairo, was founded in 1993 by professionals devoted to the mission of education and training, with the objective of designing and delivering training, consultancies and academic services in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa through 3 Departments and 2 specialized units:

  • The Management Development Department
  • The Educational Development Department
  • The EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Department
  • TEARS: Testing, Evaluation And Research Services Unit
  • Tils Translation, Interpetation & Localization Services
    Training and academic services offered by the 3 Departments of CDC Academy include, but are not exclusive to:

  • The executive business diplomas
  • Management Development Training Programs
  • Human Resource Management Training Programs
  • Transportation Management training programs
  • Industrial Management and Technical Training Skills Training Programs
  • Quality Management Training programs
  • Leadership Skills for Senior Managers
  • Management Skills for Prospective Managers and Supervisors
  • Marketing & Sales Skills Development Training Programs
  • Accounting and Finance Training Programs
  • Educational Management Training Programs
  • Teacher Training Programs for Teachers of all Disciplines
  • EFL (English as a Foreign Language), EOP (English for Occupational Purposes) and ESP (English for Special Purposes) Training Programs
  • Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting
  • Impact Studies
  • Needs Assessment Surveys
  • Quality Management Consultancies (including ISO 9000 series and TQM)
  • Environmental Management Consultancies (ISO 4001)
  • Integrated discipline training programs (any required combination of management, quality, education, language and informatics subjects).


CDC is a private sector organization employing a small core staff and maintaining a large register of highly qualified expert instructors and consultants who can be called upon to deliver programs and consultancy projects under CDC Academy management and quality control.

The President of CDC Academy leads the organization and is responsible for strategic planning. The Executive Vice President is responsible for legal matters and estates. The Managing Director is responsible for all other aspects of management.

The different Departments of CDC Academy each have a Director responsible for the execution of policy and strategy and a Coordinator responsible for day to day management

Cdc academy quality characteristics

CDC Academy has a mission statement (attached) which captures its strategy and vision as well as a Quality Policy (attached) which captures in brief the purpose of its Quality Management System to ISO 9001. In addition, CDC prides itself on a unique quality of service and spirit of community.
CDC Academy values could be expressed as:

  • total customer care
  • highest possible standards of service, student/trainee attainment, instructors and consultants and programs/projects
  • ethical conduct and business transactions
  • the community of colleagues and clients
  • flexibility and speed of response
  • value for money
  • excellent internal and external communications
  • promotion of local, regional and national interests
  • aiming for error-free administration


The core staff of CDC Academy consists of one hundred plus Consultants, Subject Matter Experts, Materials Development Experts, Training Experts and a Research and Evaluation Expert all with excellent track records in their fields. As part of its Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015, CDC Academy has rigorous selection procedures for its staff and subcontractors and monitors performance closely. Fitness to purpose is the key and both Consultants and Experts are matched to clients with very great care.

In order to ensure the capability to deliver and as a resource for future developments, CDC Academy maintains a “Prospective Faculty” list of highly qualified experts in addition to those regularly employed. CVs of CDC Experts will be provided upon request.


CDC Academy is currently situated on 2B El Nady Mosque Street  in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Programs are delivered wherever is most suitable for the client: on clients’ premises, in hotels. Programs can also be delivered within Egypt or as In-house programs outside of Egypt.

The Numbers Say it All Why Choose Us

  • 36
    Certified Courses
  • 258,658
    Students Enrolled
  • 95
    Passing to Universities
  • 100
    Satisfied Parents
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