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    • April 16, 2018
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    Here are 10 quick tips to use your own body language, in order to make your presentation even better!

    Tip No. 1: Enter the room in long strides and a straight posture.
    Why? Because: this characterizes you as a person who has long term goals, and as a person who is willing to take risks. It basically conveys the message that you have self confidence.

    Tip No. 2: Always smile at the onset of a presentation
    Why? Because: Smiling has the same meaning in every language.  It is a universal signal for friendship,  cooperation and empathy. It wins people over!

    Tip No.  3:  Eye contact is essential as a means o connection
    Why? Because: Making eye contact is a means of connecting with the audience.  Roam the room in a figure 8 from right to left sand then left o right. This will enable you to cover the entire room and make each person feel that he has been acknowledged.

    Tip No.  4: You can identify the decision-maker in the room by noticing whose reaction the audience is observing.
    Why? Because: The audience always looks at the most important person they look at them and consider them as reinforcement

    Tip No.  5:  Reinforce a positive statement with your body language
    Why? Because:  By taking couple of steps toward the person, smiling, then breaking  eye contact, you  are actually connecting, and leading the audience to acknowledge with you.

    Tip No. 6: An open torso and pose and open hands,  conveys trust
    Why? Because: it keeps you trustworthy an open body language conveys trust.

    Tip No.  7: An official announcement should be made with a buttoned jacket.
    Why? Because: this conveys seriousness.

    Tip No. 8: your Hands strengthen the verbal message
    Why? Because: our hands are our ambassadors to the outer world.  they are an important tool sand they help us emphasize what is being said; use your hands, don’t overdo it with gestures….. but use your hands.

    Tip No. 9: hold your objects in one hand only
    Why? Because: holding objects that need two hands will bring your hands together, and will close your torso, it is advisable to hold your objects (marker, pen or pointer) in one hand, to give a a sense of security, and to help you use your other had as in tip 8.

    Tip No. 10:  look at your watch in order to curtail or cut back reactions
    Why? Because:  this restricts and shortens the audience reactions, as it creates a feeling os unease.  this is  your way of managing the room by keeping discussions short, and managing your time effectively.

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