Learn to work with your strengths and learn how to address your weaknesses

  • Learn to work with your strengths and learn how to address your weaknesses

    • August 4, 2017
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    “Build upon strengths, and weaknesses will gradually take care of themselves.” Joyce C. Lock.
    We all possess a range of skills, personality traits and behaviors which are often grouped together and  are collectively called “competencies”.
    Nobody in the workplace is a perfect employee who has the exact combination of strengths needed without having any weaknesses.
    But some are better than others in “shining” those people Who can “shine”
    Are Those who mastered the trick of knowing their strengths; playing  them up, all the while taking care of their weaknesses.
    Weaknesses can easily be tackled and sharpened and developed into strengths by attending training.  But beware, not any training is the right kind of training.
    This mini article will walk you through the step by step approach to understand your strengths, and help you focus on them, as well as give you poo gets on how to tackle your weaknesses and how to choose the right kind of training.
    STEP 1: know your strengths:
    These are the things you enjoy doing. These are the things you can perform easily. These are the things that don’t bite you. These are the things that you feel happy doing.
    Make a list of them now, list them in categories and sub categories.
    You can use an Assessment tool to help you, and those are available online. Most of them are free or relatively inexpensive. Examples include: the Hogan instrument, the DISC assessment, the Harrison assessment, and the MBTI Profiling tool.
    STEP 2: make better use of your strengths.
    Explore ideas and ways of how to play up your strengths at work, how do you use them to Impress? How do you make others truly aware of those strengths? How do you play to your strengths at work? As a rule of thumb, if less than 50% are being used in your current job, then you might not be in an optimal Job role or profession….
    Step 3:  Find your weaknesses:
    From the tool used in step 1, a list of your weaknesses will be displayed as well.
    List those as well. Then see how often do you need them in your job? Is it on a daily basis? Weekly? Or not used often? Once you check the frequency of the need to use the weaknesses you will understand why it is important or urgent to receive the correct training for it. Simply because…. it will help you overcome the weakness and “shine”… Once you answer those frequency questions, you will need to tackle the depth question.
    Those weaknesses, how deep do they go? Is it a simple dislike of something, or a true weakness?
    This is the critical Question that will help You target and reach the right training you need.
    For example: if your weakness in report writing is simply because your English  teacher at school was bad. Or because you are an engineer,  and writing is not your forte. Or maybe because you don’t see the need for using words when numbers and drawings can do the trick. Then it’s not a real weakness, all you need is a refresher course about report writing, that is conducted in a hands on manner with a Motivational instructor.
    However, if your dislike for report writing stems from a deeper weakness, such as “you never learned what a report should look like, what it should contain, what attachments need to be added to it”,  then your weakness can only be tackled with a longer and deeper course, that  addresses the problem from the fundamental roots up to the level you need right now.
    To help us help you, do your homework, know your strengths and weaknesses, and let us help you “shine”

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