A Unit specialized in Translation, Interpretation, Localization, Services


TILS is a Specialized Unit established to provide premiere translation, interpretation & localization services with an uncompromising commitment to high-quality product performance and on-time delivery.
TILS has a proven track record of excellence and reliability in providing translation, interpretation, and localization.
TILS strives to take into account accuracy and cultural subtleties to communicate your message effectively.
TILS Faculty:
TILS translators and interpreters are experienced professionals with industry-leading credentials. Every member of the TILS translation and interpretation team is a trained Subject Matter Expert with at least a record of proven performance in the translation industry.
TILS translators have in-depth qualified experience in multiple industries from which they are able to adeptly localize any amount of text, yet still maintain the effective message that you work so hard to create.
TILS interpreters are certified professionals in their respective technical disciplines who work in all three recognized classes of interpretation services:

  • Simultaneous
  • Executive
  • Escort

Ultimately, TILS experts are professionals in aiding you to deploy your content seamlessly into the target market.

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